For over thirty years I have been a board member or officer for two large synagogues.  I learned firsthand that planning, preparing and accomplishing any project is a cooperative team effort.  At Temple Anshei Shalom we have an energetic and devoted team who join with me in creating our Lifelong Learning Catalogue.  Through the efforts of Communications Vice President Marvin Cohen and Office Secretary Jannette Abejean, we have produced our first yearlong seasonal catalogue encompassing the months of November to April.  Both Marvin and Jannette were instrumental in developing our previous catalogues and were invaluable in offering insight and guidance in developing the opportunity for you to learn, enjoy and be a part of the best Conservative synagogue in all of South Florida.

            Our 2016-2017 catalogue reflects a number of changes and improvements.  We have expanded our World of Our Rabbis and Cantors.  We have more than fifteen new presenters.  Our gamut of lectures include a broad spectrum of topics ranging from “The Jewish Roots of Superman,”  “Davinci & Michelangelo:  Renaissance of Genius,” “The Birthplace of Rock and Roll” to “Jewish Life in Bali,” “Great Jewish Women,” “The Lone Soldiers of Israel,” and “Volunteers For Israel.”  We have a docent representing the National Museum of Jewish History in Philadelphia as well as lecturers from the Midwest and from California.  We have authors, educators, therapists, scholars, artists, and photographers who give of themselves gratis to inform and educate our congregation and community.  As in past years, we are offering over sixty different programs with over fifty different speakers.  After two years we welcome back Celie Halzel who will resume teaching her Hebrew Conversation class on Thursday mornings.  Our ever-popular and well attended Movie of the Week will be presented on Wednesday afternoons.  In addition, on one Wednesday each month Rabbi Adler will host a special viewing of a film rarely available in theatres or on television.


Please support our programs not only with your attendance, but with a donation so that we can continue the level of programming and quality of speakers that has been the hallmark of Lifelong Learning at Temple Anshei Shalom for the past six years. 


Please Join Us! Please Come and Learn! Please Be Active!


Wishing you and your families a year of good health, peace and prosperity.


Larry Feinberg

Lifelong Learning Center Coordinator



Ongoing Throughout the Season


11:00 am – Herbert Langmeyer Library and Conference Room


November 10   Bar/Bat Mitzvah Class/Beginners Hebrew Reading (Open to both men and women who have never had a Bar/Bat Mitzvah or are about 83 years old and want to have a second Bar/Bat Mitzvah.)


Instructors: Genia Kutner and Rabbi Raphael Adler  


Monday Afternoon Lecture Series


1:30 pm — Chapel/Sanctuary


November 7      Famous Jewish Athletes – Sandy Didner


Sandra Didner is a teacher of literature and composition at Palm Beach State College.  Sandy is the facilitator of the Book Club at Temple Anshei Shalom.


November 14     Ashrei: A Beautiful Psalm  ̶  Ed Levenson


Dr. Levenson has a PhD from Brandeis University in Near Eastern and Judaic Studies. He is a well-known teacher and scholar.


November 21     Solomon Schecter and the Rise of Conservative Judaism - Linda Philips


Linda Philips is the granddaughter of a Rebbe and a longtime Hebrew school teacher from Long Island, New York.


November 28    The Rest Of Your Life is the Best of Your Life - Marcy Weiss


Dr. Marcy Weiss is a Licensed Psychotherapist and Clinical Sexologist who speaks on a variety of different topics.


December 5      Couples Communication (for all ages) –

Susie & Bill Schoonover


The Schoonovers are Certified Relationship therapists and Certified Recovery coaches with over 25 years of experience.

Monday Afternoon Lecture Series Continued


1:30 pm — Chapel/Sanctuary


December 12    Early Genesis:  Fact or Fiction – Bernie Morwitz  

Bernie Morwitz, a two-time past president of Temple Emeth, is a well-known speaker on many topics.


December 19    The Fascinating Story of the Mahal     (Volunteers from Outside Israel):    Audio and Video Presentation  ̶ 

Beverly Cohen & Shelley Shamp


Beverly Cohen is the Regional Director of Volunteers for Israel, a non-profit organization whose mission is to strengthen American ties to Israel and her people through hands-on, civilian volunteer service on Israel Defense Forces (IDF) bases.


Shelly Shamp is a local resident who recently participated in the Volunteers for Israel program.


December 26              No Lifelong Learning Class

                                       Happy Chanukah



Monday Afternoon Lecture Series  ̶  2017


1:30 pm — Chapel/Sanctuary


January 2        The Art of Being An Artist – Carole Greenberg


Carole Greenberg has been teaching art for 35 years on all grades.  Carole is the founder of the Academy of the Arts at the JCC in Omaha, Nebraska and a senior art program in Manchester, New Hampshire.


January 9         A Salute To Israel  ̶  Genia Kutner 

                                  Genia Kutner is a retired professional educator, the master                                    teacher of our Bar/Bat Mitzvah Class and a member of Temple                              Anshei Shalom.


January 16      Exploring the Exciting Adventures of “Life After 80” with Great Enthusiasm - Annie Weisner


Annie Weisner is a retired professor of English and Reading as well as the retired Cantor of Temple Beth David, Long Island, New York


January 23       Memphis:  The Birthplace of Rock & Roll –

Robert Weber


Dr. Robert Weber is an eminent authority on Rock & Roll music who has presented lectures to enthusiastic audiences throughout Florida.


January 30       The Lone Soldiers of Israel – Ari Abramowitz


                           Ari Abramowitz is the co-founder and co-director of

Chayal El Chayal (Giving lone soldiers a home away from home).


February 6       Jewish Life in Bali:  An Audiovisual Presentation – Karen Lustgarten


Karen Lustgarten is an award-winning author and video writer/producer of documentaries for non-profit organizations.  Karen’s previous audiovisual presentations were acclaimed by

our congregants.


Our Greatest Presidents – Alvin Schwartz

A Two-Part Series


As a Presidents’ Day celebration, Alvin Schwartz offers

a two-part series on our greatest presidents


February 13     Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War  ̶ 

Alvin Schwartz


February 20    Presidents’ Day Celebrated President Washington and the Founding of the Nation  ̶     Alvin Schwartz


Alvin Schwartz is a retired New York teacher with a law degree who is an expert on the American Presidency.


February 27    FDR and the Jews – Laurence Stern

Laurence Stern is a photographer and a historian who is one of our most popular speakers.  He has lectured previously on different Presidents and their relationship to the Jewish Community.


March 6            Unresolved  Conspiracies: A Thought-Provoking Discussion  ̶  Dr. Stanton Polin


Dr. Stanton Polin is a retired cardiovascular surgeon from Chicago who speaks on a variety of interesting topics based upon recent medical knowledge.


March 13         From Shtetl to Boston:  A Family Saga  ̶ 

Theodore Kohan


Ted Kohan was born and raised in Santiago, Chile and attended graduate school in the United States on a Fulbright Scholarship.  He is the writer of five books, the most recent being The Abyss Between Dawn and Night, published in 2015.


March 20         Jewish Photographers in the “Family of Man” 

(Please look at the book “Family of Man,” if possible) -  Lorin Duckman


Lorin Duckman is a former lawyer who became a professional photographer.  Lorin has a certificate in digital media and graphic design and attended the Hallmark Institute of Photography.


March 27         Jewish Roots of Superman  ̶  Carol Gross


Carol Cott Gross is a popular speaker/writer who has appeared on TV and radio.  She has lectured at the Lifelong Learning and the Jewish Cultural Society at FAU, spoken at the 92nd St. Y in NYC and in synagogues and libraries on both Long Island and South Florida.  Carol’s writing has appeared in the New York Times, Newsday and the Sun Sentinel.

April 3              How to Change Your Behavior: The Jewish  Perspective  ̶  Bina Kozuch


Bina Kozuch is a graduate of the Teachers’ Institute of Yeshiva University.  She has taught in day schools both in New York and Florida for over 40 years.


April 10          No Lifelong Learning Class  ̶  Happy Passover


Ongoing Throughout The Season


Mondays  ̶  3:45 pm  ̶  Annex 1


Talmud Study — Rabbi Raphael Miller


Rabbi Raphael Miller is a distinguished, retired Rabbi

and a member of our congregation.




World Of Our Rabbis and Cantors


10:30 am – Chapel/Sanctuary


During this open-ended series of lectures, retired and guest Rabbis and Cantors of Temple Anshei Shalom will speak about topics for which they have passion.


November 22     Your Lasting Legacy  ̶  Rabbi Josh Broide


November 29     The Secret of Happiness  ̶  Rabbi Josh Broide  

               Rabbi Josh Broide is the Founder and Director of the Deborah & Larry D. Silver Center for Engagement, a Division of the Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County and the Boca Raton Jewish Experience.  He also presently works as the Outreach Rabbi at Boca Raton Synagogue.

Tuesdays World Of Our Rabbis and Cantors Continued


10:30 am – Chapel/Sanctuary


December 6    The Singing Voice and Its Instrumental Counterpart – Cantor William S Wood

  Cantor Bill Wood is the Choir Director of Temple Anshei Shalom.


December 13  Environmentalism and Judaism  ̶

                  A Match Made in Heaven  ̶  Rabbi Jay Lyons


Conservation is one way to protect the earth’s resources.  A deeper look at environmentalism:  learn about using, conserving, and elevating nature.


December  20    Have I Seen You Here Before? 

Judaism’s View on Reincarnation  ̶  Rabbi Jay Lyons 

Is there a Jewish concept of reincarnation? 

What does this mean for me?

Rabbi Jay Lyons is the Regional Director of the National

Association of Chevra Kadisha.


December 27     No Lifelong Learning Class   ̶   Happy Chanukah


January 2017 – 10:30 am – Annex


Torah Of TV  ̶  Rabbi Raphael Adler


A Five-Part Series  ̶  An Audiovisual Presentation


Classic television episodes and short films bring to life Jewish values and concepts

  through the magic of drama, suspense, and comedy.

 We will teach Torah through the lens of popular culture in an

 exciting approach guaranteed to make you laugh, cry and enjoy.


January 3,  January 10,  January 17,  January 24,  January 31


Rabbi Raphael Adler is the Rabbi of Temple Anshei Shalom.

Tuesdays World Of Our Rabbis and Cantors Continued 2017


10:30 am – Chapel/Sanctuary


February 7  Relational Judaism: A New Perspective –

                          Rabbi Charles Freundlich


            Rabbi Charles Freundlich is the author of four books.  

He was a previous Rabbi of our synagogue.


February 14  Arguing with G-D  ̶  Rabbi Donald Crain


               A member of our congregation, Rabbi Donald Crain is Rabbi

 Emeritus of Temple Beth Shalom of Boca Raton.


February 21  Waiting Through the Friday Night Services –

                          Rabbi Lester Hering


               A member of our congregation, Rabbi Lester Hering is Rabbi

 Emeritus of Temple Emeth of Delray Beach.


February 28  Emancipation of the Jews –

 Rabbi Baruch Goldstein

               A member of our congregation, Rabbi Baruch Goldstein

 is Rabbi Emeritus of Beth Israel Congregation of Worcester, Massachusetts.


March 7    The Greatest American Rabbi  ̶  Rabbi Sylvan Kamens


March 14   Humor In The Bible – Rabbi Sylvan Kamens


                Rabbi Sylvan Kamens is a retired Conservative Rabbi who

 has served in pulpits in Minnesota, Ohio and New Jersey.


March 21   The Music of Debbie Friedman:  Not Just MiSheberach  ̶  Cantor Bill Wood

                Cantor Bill Wood is the Cantor Emeritus of Central

 Synagogue of Nassau County.  He is presently the Choir Director at Temple Anshei Shalom.


March 28    The Trials of Socrates, Jeremiah and Jesus:               

                   Comparisons and Contrasts  ̶  Rabbi Jack Riemer

Rabbi Jack Riemer is known as “the Rabbi’s Rabbi.”  He is a noted lecturer, writer and book reviewer. Rabbi Riemer was the interim Rabbi at our synagogue in 2014-2015.

10:30 am – Chapel/Sanctuary


April 4   If Memory Serves … The Beauty of Yahrzeit, Kaddish & Yizkor - Rabbi Jay Lyons

Making time during the year to focus on and remember

  loved ones.How does Kaddish fit?  The text, it has nothing to do

 with mourning/remembering.  Learn the deeper meaning.

Rabbi Jay Lyons is the Regional Director of the NationalAssociation of Chevra Kadisha.





Ongoing Throughout The Season


Tuesdays – 1:00 pm – Chapel – Beginning Tuesday, November 8


Rabbi Raphael Adler presents a weekly study session devoted to the Torah portion, holidays, special events and today’s news, interpreted through the

fascinating insights of our tradition.

Rabbi Raphael Adler is the Rabbi of Temple Anshei Shalom.



Wednesdays in the Ballroom – Movie Of The Week


1:30 pm  ̶  Ongoing Throughout The Year


Please join us on Wednesdays at 1:30 pm. The 300+ people who attend each week can vouch for the quality of the films, the ample refreshments and the camaraderie of being together in a pleasant synagogue-related atmosphere.


The Movie of the Week, like all Lifelong Learning Center programs

is open to the entire community, at no charge.


However, DONATIONS ARE APPRECIATED. Refreshments are served.


Please do not bring any food from home to the Temple.


Movie titles and descriptions are available in the special movie carousel in our lobby.  Our format has been expanded recently to include a greater variety of films.  Note that many of these “newer” movies were not made with closed captioning, so please bear with us as we attempt to diversify the types of movies being shown.



Hebrew Classes  ̶  Annex 3


Ongoing Throughout The Season


Beginning Thursday, November 10


Hebrew Reading  ̶  Celie Halzel  ̶  9:15 am (Note New Time)


Celie Halzel taught Hebrew Language Judaic Studies in Canada

 and the United States for over thirty years.


Ongoing Throughout The Year


            Hebrew Conversation – Sara Ritzner  ̶  10:30 am


      Sara Ritzner was a Hebrew School teacher for over twenty years. She has taught

              Hebrew conversation at Temple Anshei Shalom for more than ten years.


Thursday Lecture Series


1:30 pm — Chapel/Sanctuary


November 10   Hebrew Zodiac:  Twelve Tribes, Twelve Months,

Twelve Astrological Signs  ̶  Helene Yentis


Helene Yentis is an art historian and expert on Jewish art who is a well-known speaker throughout the Palm Beach community.


November 17  The Making of a Bonsai Tree  ̶  Harvey Tatelman


                          Harvey Tatelman taught at the Morikami Japanese Park and Museum for four years.  He is a Life Master in the teaching of Bonsai.


November 24   No Lifelong Learning Class  ̶  

Happy Thanksgiving


December 1    My Hunt For A Bride:  Using The Power Of Executive Search To Find The Ultimate Bride  ̶  Ira Ziff


                          Ira Ziff is a prominent business leader who is now

President of HearingIQ formally Zounds Hearing.


December 8     Holistic Health:  Being Creative  ̶  Barbara Wolk


                         Barbara Wolk is a Certified Kripalu Holistic Health Educator, a Certified Yoga Instructor and a participant of Deepak Chopra’s “Healing Your Soul” Workshop.


December 15   The Joy of Flying  ̶  David Abramowitz


                           David Abramowitz, a member of the Board of Directors, is a retired flight instructor who ran his own FAA flight school.


December 22   No Lifelong Learning Class  ̶  Winter Vacation


December 29   No Lifelong Learning Class  ̶  HAPPY CHANUKAH



Thursday Lecture Series  ̶  2017 (1:30 pm Chapel/Sanctuary)


January 5     SPECIAL PROGRAM:  Special Time  ̶  10:30 am (Annex)


Pre-need Luncheon Seminar from Beth Israel Chapel

(Open to the community)


January 12  Marriage Secrets of the Ten Commandments  ̶

                                    Andy Greenberg


                           Andy Greenberg is a national radio personality who specializes in “the enjoyment and improvement of life.” He has been a Jewish educator for the past 25 years best known for his interactive and animated teaching style.


January 19      My Life As A Kidney Donor and A Caregiver  ̶ 

                                    Craig and Bonnie Glover


                          Bonnie Glover is an attorney, the author of three books and a kidney recipient.


                         Craig Glover personally acted as a caregiver for both his wife and father which motivated him to establish the Better Way For Home Care agency.

Thursday Afternoon Lecture Series  ̶  2017


1:30 pm — Chapel/Sanctuary


January 26    Unusual Jewish Mothers You Don’t Know (as told in their own words)  ̶  Sally Hyman


                          Sally is in her second term as President of the “Trails of Delray Beach” Chapter of Brandeis National Committee.  She has been a frequent speaker at Temple Anshei Shalom.








1:30 pm  ̶  Chapel/Sanctuary


A Four-Part Series  ̶  Leah Polin  ̶  February 2017


In medicine and science, law and justice, fashion and food,

and even technology and sports, tremendous contributions

have been made by Jewish women. 

In these sessions, we will look at dozens of amazing Jewish women

whose contributions helped make the world a better place. 

You may have fun drawing up your own list before coming to class.


Leah Polin, a noted lecturer from Chicago, speaks on the topics of

Jewish History, Jewish Women and Israel to Hadassah

and senior groups both in the Midwest and Florida.


February 2, February 9, February 16 and February 23


March 2    An Overview of Jewish Life In America presented by the National Museum of American Jewish History  ̶  An Audiovisual Presentation  ̶  Lillian Hassman


       Lillian Hassman is a pioneer docent at the National Museum of American Jewish History since its opening in 2012.


Thursday Afternoon Lecture Series  ̶  2017


1:30 pm — Chapel/Sanctuary


March 9    Issues of the Day:  Challenges Facing the Jewish People in 2017 and Beyond  ̶  Buddy Schreiber


                          Buddy Schreiber has been teaching for fifty years.  He has taught current events related to Torah in Hebrew Schools in Chicago.


March 16     Jewish Lunacy  ̶  Political Humor  ̶  Eric Golub


                           Eric Golub is a stock brokerage professional who writes and blogs about politics and human interest items.  Eric has spoken in all 50 states and has had guest appearances both on television and radio.  Last year’s program on “Jewish Lunacy:  A Comedy” was loved by our congregants.


March 23     Davinci & Michelangelo:  Renaissance of Genius  ̶  An Audiovisual Presentation  ̶  Dr. Kenneth Green


Dr. Kenneth A. Green is a noted art educator who has received degrees from Columbia University, New York University and the University of Sedona.  His novel, Shochet, is currently available on Amazon Kindle.


Last year Dr. Green’s “Art Forum” set attendance records for a

four-part series.


March 30     Hidden Text Messages From The Torah  ̶  Andy Greenberg


Andy Greenberg is a national radio personality who specializes in “the enjoyment and improvement of life.” He has been a Jewish educator for the past 25 years best known for his interactive and animated teaching style.


April 6         Growing Older:  How to Keep Your Life Interesting  ̶ 

                                    Patricia Striar Rohner


Patricia Striar Rohner is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker and author of “Tzippy the Thief,” a story about an

80-year-old Jewish widow.